Rules for Signing/Resigning Books

Sisters and Brothers,
Please take a moment to review our new referral procedure as it has changed. Old information is crossed out, and new information is in red font.
The office will be open for registering new applicants during regular business hours.
All registrants must provide a Social Security Number and Card Number (if applicable) when registering.
Every applicant who wants to retain their position on our out of work list must re-sign quarterly, from the 10th thru the 16th of the last month of each quarter. The four months out of the calendar year you must re-sign are March, June, September and December. Re-sign requests received late will not be accepted. Re-sign requests received early will not be accepted. Local 969 will not be responsible to confirm receipt of your re-sign. Failure to re-sign will roll you off the books entirely.
In order to register, re-sign or re-register on the out of work list, you must not be employed in the electrical industry within the jurisdiction of 969.
Applicants who are registered on the out of work list and are found to be working in the electrical trade in the jurisdiction of Local 969 are subject to charges and Trial Board action.
Dispatch: Applicants for employment will be dispatched Monday through Friday starting at 9 a.m.
Applicants will be offered jobs in the order of their registration and their group. Group One, followed by Group Two, followed by Group Three and finally Group Four.Exceptions to the order of referral are as follows:
1. When the employer states bona fide requirements of special skills and abilities, the first applicant on the list that possesses such skills shall be referred.
2. To comply with any age ratio clauses in the Working Agreement.
There will be no discrimination based on membership or non-membership within the Union.
Any applicant who is rejected by the employer shall be returned to his/her place within the Group and shall be referred to other employment in accordance with the applicant’s position within the appropriate Group.
Phone Referral Procedure:
It is your responsibility to call the job recorder at 970-242-3432 Ext 0 or the website to check on the jobs available. This can be done between the hours of 5:30 pm and 7:30 am.
• Call the hall between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:00 am to indicate which job, or jobs, you are available for.
Jobs will be offered in the order applicants appear on the books and according to the group they are registered in.
Applicants who are present for dispatch and offered employment will have their paperwork processed before leaving the hall. Those applicants who have accepted jobs by phone will be dispatched by phone.
If an applicant is dispatched by phone, the necessary paperwork will be mailed and must be returned to the local union office within five working days. Failure to do so could result in having to appear in person in the union hall to process paperwork.
In the event that a call is unfilled by 9:00 am that day, Local 969 shall take necessary steps to fill said call.
All requests for applicants that are received by 4:30 pm will be dispatched the next business day.
80 Hours or Less: An applicant who is referred to a job and, through no fault of his/her own, receives no more than eighty hours of straight time shall not lose his or her position on the out of work list.
Applicants who are on the out of work list that refuse a job that will replace a temporary employee shall have their names removed from the out of work list and asked to re-sign as new applicants.
If an applicant accepts a job referral and fails to report for work the next working day, then his/her referral will become void and he/she must re-register as a new applicant.
An IBEW member with a Journeyman Inside Wireman classification shall be referred out as a Journeyman Inside Wireman. A Journeyman Inside Wireman shall not be referred out as a Construction Electrician or as a Construction Wireman.