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Re: Rules of the Road
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I will try to set up a link for the rules.


Carry a current dues receipt with you at all times.

Be willing to present your dues receipt to any other IBEW member when asked.

When seeking work in other Locals: Make sure you understand the hiring Hall dispatch procedures, (show up or phone dispatch, resign dates, drug tests, etc.) before you walk out the door…every Local Union’s procedures are different. Be ready to start work immediately. Be courteous to office personnel…it can’t hurt and their assistance to you may be invaluable.

Never accept a foreman’s job in another Local Union without the approval of the Job Steward and/or the Local Business Manager

Never get involved in the politics of another Local.

Always work under the terms of the Agreement of the Local where you are employed.

Fulfill your commitment to the Local that provided you employment….complete the project or stay as long as you are asked to remain.

When your employment is terminated in another Local Union, prior to leaving, pay all dues owed.

Verbally or in writing, thank the Business Manager for providing you the opportunity to work in his Local.

Always remember you are an ambassador of your Home Local. You are expected to conduct yourself as such.

When you have accepted a call, remove your name from ALL of the Out-Of-Work Books that you are on regardless of where you have signed them, not only because it’s the ‘Right Thing to Do’ but it simplifies the paperwork for the LU’s whose books you are on.

Keep in mind that your reputation precedes you to any job and/or LU jurisdiction. Don’t make things hard for those of your local union that might follow in your footsteps. They might desperately need a job and they sure don’t need a foul-up poisoning the well for them in another LU’s jurisdiction.
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