4 Journeyman Wireman, 2 Journeyman Lineman & 1 Operator

Guarantee Electric needs 3 Journeyman Wireman, Starting Monday September 16th at the Hayden Power Plant, paying $6.00 hr Per Diem. Must drug test this coming week. Must have Colo. JW License, ss card and Drives License or ID.

The State Group Industrial needs 1 Journeyman Wireman, starting Thursday, September 12th, Working 6-10’s Must drug test.

PAR needs 1 Journeyman Lineman, starting Monday September 16th, working in the Grand Junction area, working 4-10′s, Must drug test and have CDL

PAR needs 1 Journeyman Lineman & 1 Operator, starting asap, working in the Cortez area. Working 5/10’s Must have CDL, Med Certs & SS Card.

Call the hall in the morning if you are interested, have a good evening!

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